My worksí titles are almost always suggesting an explanation of my works.
E.g.: Pulse-Impulse, Flux, Aspirale, Verso, High Anxiety etc.
Density-Intensity can be best described as a music build up on a unfolding of dense structures, 
filled up with an intense rhythmic-melodic expression. 
Density-Intensity can also be seen as an alternation between the two contrasting motivic elements of the work: 
the dense rhythmic textures, and the intense melodic layers. 
I am always fascinated by the rich expression possibilities of the woodwinds but also their versatility. 
Which explains partly the virtuous parts of the clarinets and saxophones. 
But the density of the woodwinds is combined with the intensity of the brass and the strings, 
building up a strong and balanced flow of the work.
Density-Intensity is especially composed for the International Composition Prize, 
Luxembourg 2003, and it is dedicated to the Luxembourg Sinfonietta and its leader, Marcel Wengler.

DENSITY - INTENSITY has been awarded with the 3rd prize at the International Composition Prize, 
Luxembourg 2003



"International Composition Prize , Luxembourg 2003" - Luxembourg , Editions LGNM 403