OCTOPUS (2006)

This work was inspired by the sea’s undulations and fauna.Especially those with undefined shapes. The next step was to imagine a sort of meta-instrument resembling the octopus.

Since I was asked by the distinguished Romanian cello player Marin Cazacu to compose a work for him and his cello ensemble in Bucharest i found here the natural way to put into practice my above mentioned ideas.

The musical material is structured and developed through alternating from on one hand homophony/polyphony, and on the other, heterophony. The eight ”tentacles” of this ”octopus-cello” are waving in their own rhythm, where groups of 2-4 cellos or, at points of culmination, the entire ensemble, meet in identical movements. The melismatic melodic lines are producing/generating a modal-harmonic texture with sonorities recalling the flavour of East

European folklore.